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Join ThinkBox312, February 6 – 8, 2023 at DistribuTech International, to learn about the latest services and products we offer! Founded in 2015, Thinkbox312 has grown to be a pillar for businesses seeking technical resources and product to solutions that improve operations and increase an organizations profits. As a forward thinking organization that is led by the next generation of thought leaders, ThinkBox312 seeks to help business expand the imagination of solutions of tomorrow. Visit our booth, #4849, to speak with a team member in person to learn more about our products and receive an on-site demonstration.

DISTRIBUTECH International

Join us at DistribuTECH to learn about the range of products and services that we offer to help businesses improve their operations and efficiency. In addition, learn about the cutting-edge software, digital transformation, and data analytics services that we use to help businesses across various industries to leverage technology and design to achieve their goals

Learn about Ready-to-Connect at DistribuTech


Ready-to-Connect Presentation
How to Speed Up Grid Connection
By: Dorian Flowers, 2/8/23 @ 2.40pm PST
30A | Upper Level


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tTracker is an intuitive collection of tools that allow your business to improve its performace through the tracking of activities and the charting of data. These tools help ensure that your business can compete in your bidding process and effectively manage your projects in a cohesive manner.


EquipIR utilizes artificial intelligence to identify and classify objects by analyzing image datasets captured with its cutting-edge mobile application while leveraging its adaptive cloud-based machine learning classifier to centralize your inventory.


Experience the next generation of process improvement for utility companies seeking to reduce the time needed to connect power to the world. ThinkBox312 offers a mobile application to be leveraged by licensed electricians for the successful installation of point of services, switches, and meters in less time.

Key Services

Digital Experience

We build dynamic pathways for our customers to succeed in a digital world. Our team is prepared to guide customers through the advantages of using digital applications to improve profits and the workflow of their businesses.

Digital Consultation
User Experience (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Web Design
Web Development

Content Creation & Support
Web Hosting
Website Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Brand Experience

People gravitate to things they love. We are committed to designing unique brand experiences for customers that allow them to stand out from their competition. We seek to increase our customers visibility and connect their businesses to consumers that will elevate their company.

Brand Consultation
Corporate Identity & Marketing
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Accounts & Campaigns

Product Experience

We offer a collection of software products that provide our customers with an ideal solution to problems that may exist in their industry. Each product serves to help an organization increase productivity and efficiency.

Project Management
Process Improvement
Workflow Automation
Activity Tracking
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Inventory Management
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

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