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Are you looking for a simple and efficient way to manage your business processes? Look no further than tTracker.

tTracker is a project management software designed to help organizations automate and manage their workflows, opportunities, tasks, and data. It offers features such as opportunity management, task management, notification alerts and activity log, document hub, messaging and notes organization, analytics and data insight, and calendar tracker. The software helps organizations improve communication, reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide systematic standardization.

With its powerful combination of Opportunity Management, Task Management, Notification Alerts & Activity Log, Document Hub, Messaging & Notes Organization, Analytics & Data Insight, and Calendar Tracker, tTracker is the all-in-one solution for streamlining your business operations.

Benefits of tTracker:

  • Streamlined Workflow: tTracker helps automate and streamline an organization’s workflow, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving quality assurance.
  • Improved Communication: tTracker features messaging and notes organization tools to improve communication between teams and improve collaboration.
  • Increased Insight: tTracker provides analytics and data insight to give organizations greater visibility into their operations, including progress, performance, and time spent on tasks.
  • Better Task Management: tTracker allows teams to create, manage, and track tasks efficiently, reducing the risk of missed deadlines or dropped projects.
  • Document Management: tTracker’s document hub provides a centralized location for storing and organizing important business documentation.
  • Calendar Tracker: tTracker integrates with third-party calendars to keep track of events, meetings, and deadlines.
  • Opportunities Management: tTracker’s opportunity management tools help organizations keep track of their initiatives, RFPs, and workflows, allowing teams to collaborate and stay ahead of the competition.

Utilize the Power of Insight Beyond Analytics

Automated Workflows


The Initiatives & Project Management module is designed to help organizations create and manage initiatives and opportunities in a collaborative manner. It allows multiple teams to work together to define and execute projects, set goals and milestones, and track progress towards achieving their objectives. This module provides a centralized platform for organizing and tracking project information, making it easier for teams to stay on the same page and make informed decisions. By streamlining the initiative and project management process, tTracker helps organizations stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive advantage.


Initiatives & Project Management

The Automated Workflow module is a tool that helps organizations streamline their processes by building and visualizing custom workflow paths. It allows users to connect the steps in their overall workflows, with each step being configurable with multiple paths. This enables dynamic assignment of the next step in the workflow to a person or group based on the result of the previous step.


Opportunity Management

Input your organization’s opportunities, assign team members, and track the timeline of opportunities over their lifecycle. Create detailed documentation around your opportunities and track important information such as final due dates, milestones and more.

Task Management

Create dynamic tasks for opportunities to track needs, dependencies, contributor workloads and more. With tTracker, your team can complete tasks faster and increase your revenue.

Notification Alerts & Activity Log

Stay informed of due dates related to your tasks and any updates or changes to opportunities with notification alerts. The activity log provides full insight into what your team is doing and what tasks have been completed.

Document Hub

Keep all your business documentation organized and easily accessible with tTracker’s Document Hub. Upload, create, and manage your documents while ensuring your document library has no duplicates.

Messaging & Notes Organization

Improve communication among your team members with tTracker’s messaging and notes organization features. Send and track messages, collaborate on content, and execute tasks in real time so your team is always on the same page.

Analytics & Data Insight

Gain valuable insights into your team’s performance with tTracker’s analytics and data insight features. See progress, data points, and time spent on activities to make informed decisions.

Calendar Tracker:

Keep track of your events, meetings, and deadlines with tTracker’s Calendar Tracker. Set reminders and integrate with any third-party calendar to ensure no task or deadline goes unnoticed.

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