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ThinkBox312 enjoys being an organization built on the minds of thought leaders. As an organization, we can make significant contributions to the technology industry by consistently delivering innovative and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

By constantly staying up to date with the latest trends and advancements in technology, ThinkBox312 can bring new ideas and approaches to the industry and drive change in areas such as AI, quantum computing, 3D rendering, augmented reality, and more. Additionally, we believe that by providing top-notch services and products, ThinkBox312 can set a high standard for the industry, raising the bar for quality and performance.

Areas of Research


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

As AI/ML become increasingly relevant, ThinkBox312 is investing in research and development resources into AI/ML technologies and solutions to develop solutions that incorporate these technologies for their clients.


Internet of Things (IoT)

ThinkBox312 believes that IoT is a rapidly growing industry and increasingly growing in popularity. As ThinkBox312 marches forward, the organization will explore new ways of incorporating IoT into our products and services.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are growing industries, and ThinkBox312 is developing applications and services that utilize these technologies. The demand for VR and AR has increased in various industries such as gaming, entertainment, education, retail, healthcare, and military and aerospace, among others


5G and Edge Computing

ThinkBox312 is exploring how to help organizations modernize their networks and IT infrastructure by providing training and support that will help businesses make the most of these new technologies.


Cybersecurity & Data Protection

ThinkBox312 is focused on developing innovative solutions that help our clients stay secure and address the current and emerging challenges in the field. This can include developing advanced security systems that use AI and machine learning to detect and prevent cyber threats, creating more secure and efficient ways of storing and transmitting data.


Advanced UI/UX Design

ThinkBox312 is conducting user research and testing to understand the needs and expectations of the users and identify pain points in current UI/UX designs by following a user-centered approach and employing a multidisciplinary team of experts in areas such as human-computer interaction, psychology, graphics design, and computer science.


Emerging Technologies

By staying current on industry trends, ThinkBox312 conducts market research, and actively participates in the innovation process by investing in new and innovative solutions in emerging technologies, such as conducting experiments and pilot projects, and exploring new technologies and methodologies through prototypes and proof-of-concepts.


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Technologies

By partnering with universities, research institutions, and eco-friendly organizations, ThinkBox312 continues to find new solutions to environmental challenges and promote new technologies that sustainability and reduce the negative impact on the environment.


Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Wellness

Through the identification of current challenges and issues in the HCI and Digital Wellness fields, ThinkBox312 collaborates with experts in the fields of psychology, sociology, and human-centered design to understand the impact of technology on human behavior and wellbeing.


Quantum Computing

ThinkBox312 is actively developing research plans to solve problems that are currently intractable for classical computers such as Cryptography, Simulations, Artificial intelligence, and more.